Lezyne Micro Drive Rear Light

My requirements for a rear light were not demanding. It needed to be bright, easy to install and remove, and buying batteries was getting old so it was time to go rechargeable. Durability would be paramount.

A few years ago I received a Blackburn Flea set as a gift; however, within the year I lost the rear light. A little later on I misplaced, and have since found, the front. The rear has never turned up. They worked well and met my requirements, but admittedly didn’t get much use before going missing. The small size was nice for tossing in a bag (and losing), but I’ve finally replaced the rear with something more substantial than the single LED blinker I’ve been scraping by with.

Introducing the Lezyne Micro Drive:

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The Goal

Moving forward you will find (hopefully) helpful, thorough reviews of various products. There will be a major emphasis on cycling related products - those with the goal of enhancing rider experience, comfort, or performance - as well as the tools and equipment required to maintain, transport, or otherwise use your bicycle to it’s fullest potential. Expect detailed photos that emphasize parts of the product that are designed exceptionally well or disastrously poor. Each item will receive a write-up of my initial impression before and after first use.

This is where things get fun. I am not the type to abuse my personal belongings, but they are absolutely not babied. Scratches add character. After my initial review expect followup after 6 months, 1 year, and/or when I break something. Additionally I work in a bike shop and use the common hand tools from the major manufacturers daily. This also allows me the privilege of observing customer purchases, and how long those purchases last them. From that I gauge my purchases with a strong emphasis on overall quality.

Let’s break some stuff and document it.